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The Chocolate Mud Wyvern Presents

29 August 1975
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[Note: The Chocolate Mud Wyvern's journal is now (as of late September 2012) on permanent hiatus. I'm preserving my content here because I'm fond of it, and I'm still reading my f-list's posts, but I'm unlikely to be posting here anymore.]

Hello and welcome! Here on Livejournal and a few other places, I go by the name of Salimbol, who is a minor character from a series of books I’m writing (or plan to write, if I'm being honest. Years of planning, not much writing. Good things take time, you know...). I’m a librarian/archivist with a long standing love of all things fantasy and science fiction, though I’ve done the rounds of genres such as history, mystery and thrillers too, and I can also be very passionate about Western graphic novels, manga, anime and Asian live action TV dramas. My postings tend to be a bit sporadic at best, and will mostly be about what I’m reading and watching (often in a great splurge after weeks of silence, you lucky devils). My tastes are extremely diverse and I’ll try a bit of anything; as a general rule, I like good ensemble casts, with complex and preferably self-aware characters, but a bit of cheese (or even a lot of cheese) doesn’t faze me. Humour is a must! And because I’m a history buff, I appreciate stories with an eye for detail that build their worlds well. Any recommendations are most welcome.

Name of the blog: it doesn’t actually mean anything significant. I like chocolate, I like dragons; I combined the two into something absolutely meaningless but hopefully memorable.
My userpic is from the lovely kids’ book ‘Oliver in the Garden’ by Margaret Beames and Sue Hitchcock; by all means buy it if you love cats.